Raising a High Drive Puppy Part #4

This week, Jess and Scott are joined once again by Noelle Nasca and her Belgian Malinois, Inga. Noelle and Inga were able to come out and visit us in between the third and forth installment of this series, and Inga just celebrated her first birthday!

Topics Discussed Include:

  • How did Inga do at Studio 21 Podcast Cafe when visiting The Quirky Dog set? 
  • What was her first experience with an IGP helper like? 
  • Why has training been so much more challenging for Noelle since April?

Listen or Watch:

If you are listening to today’s podcast and would like to see the training videos shown throughout:

To watch Raising A High Drive Puppy Part #3:

To watch Raising A High Drive Puppy Part #2:

To watch Raising A High Drive Puppy Part #1:

To check out Noelle’s podcast episode about her amazing doggy daycare in Hamburg, NY: 

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