Accommodating The Dog

On this episode, Jess and Scott talk about accommodating your dog's needs without ruining your hard work training your dog. 

Topics discussed include:

  • Some activities that we acquiesce to our dogs could be the dog on the bed.
  • Dog barking for food or potty time.
  • Walking on a leash and greeting other dogs. 

Listen or Watch:

Jess and Scott also discuss the latest that is going on with police K9’s in Massachusetts. For more information reach out to your reps.
  • REPS
    • Claire Cronin- (617) 722-2396
    • Carlos Gonzalez- (617) 722-2080
    • Tim Whelan- (617) 722-2488
    • Bruce Tarr (617) 722-1600
    • Sonia Chang-Diaz - (617) 722-1673
    • William Brownsberger- (617) 722-1280

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