The Quirky Dog 

Looking to better understand your dog and change their quirky behavior? This weekly podcast is for you! Hosted by two animal experts, each episode provides helpful tips and tricks to get your dog on the right track.

The Quirky Dog podcast is the podcast to help you have a better relationship with your dog.

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Dig Into Dog Training Topics Like:

  • If your dog's aggression is really a problem
  • Introducing a puppy to a household of dogs
  • The importance of being able to handle your dog
  • What a "fully trained" puppy means
  • Tips for running with your dog

And more, every Wednesday!


Jess and Scott have such a clear expertise in understanding dog behavior and this podcast makes that knowledge and the skills associated with it approachable for anyone. A valuable listen for anyone trying to train or just better understand their dog. (Not to mention they are just incredibly entertaining!) - Khelvie

Meet Your Hosts

Scott + Jess Williams

This duo has trained thousands of dogs for over 20 years! Scott has expertise in everything from French Ring to bedbug detection. His interest in and passion for the sport of French Ring sent him to France for dog training. Jess graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, with a BS degree as an animal behavior specialist. She has been competing and performing with her dogs for over 15 years in disc and agility. 

They believe there is good in every dog, you just need the right tools and training to bring it out!

What Should We Cover Next?

Our podcast is at it's best when we're covering topics and interviewing experts that you want to hear about - share what you're interested in below!